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Senin, 22 Februari 2016

Samsung S7 / edge to get started: S6 function perfectly complement those coming

Samsung S7 / edge to get started: S6 function perfectly complement those coming - every day I always pay attention to many brands that compete in the field of technology, every day they always find new things that are useful for our lives, on blogs Cassol Gadget News we will review new products from many brands in this world, now we will discuss first about Samsung S7 / edge to get started: S6 function perfectly complement those coming please refer to the complete information we will convey:

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Samsung S7 / edge to get started: S6 function perfectly complement those coming

[Abstract] From simple to use, Samsung this year, S7 and S7 edge succeeded in becoming the last S6 excellent supplement to make up for the shortage in many ways the original game.

Before the 2016 MWC to start your day, as usual, brought the latest Samsung GALAXY S series phones, this is the seventh consecutive year Samsung on time point "work" Update this Samsung mobile phone is the most important product line. To some extent, the annual MWC, Samsung will release what kind of machine is that many consumers are most concerned about things.
( /2015/12/transfer-contacts-text-messages-from-samsung-to-s7.html">Transfer Contacts, Text messages from Samsung S3/S4/S5 to Samsung S7)

This year, S7 and S7 edge came.

Now do mobile phones, transparent upstream channel so many new products in the absence of publication has lost its suspense, especially as the iPhone, S7 so focus on the global market, especially mobile phones. Spain local time the evening before the start of the conference 21, in fact, a lot of information about the S7 and S7 edge of it has been exposed, and the accuracy rate is very high.

And after the news from the outside, experienced real products and discover some changes in the product itself, it has become my current trip to Spain the biggest driving force.( /2016/02/transfer-contacts-pictures-from-android-to-s7-edge.html">Transfer Contacts Pictures from Android to Galaxy S7 Edge)


With last year S6 bottomed style design changes, so many before spurned Samsung "perennial large plastic" style of road users to switch from black, the road turns pink minority. Despite the quality of the phone itself features aside, S6 style is indeed in a good harvest last year, the market feedback.

In S7, the language of this design was retained, dual front and rear glass panel with metal frame, with double curved edge of the screen, S7 or the taste.

The body comes from two important design changes, first learned S7 Both phones Note 5 made the reverse of the arc. S7 actual Fortunately, after all, the front is flat. The S7 edge appeared a very different type of design, front and rear panels at the same time frame in the direction of the recess.

For the last S6 edge curved screen affects the feel of the thing in the box users still remember I am afraid to worry about double-sided recess, so that the overall width of the side narrower S7 edge in the end how the handle. Practically hand experience point of view, responsibly say, S7 edge despite the use of a very different type of design approach to the fuselage side edge, but in fact part of the treatment process in the box is more scientific than last year, plus the phone itself started reduced weight, making the phone itself grip significantly better than last year.

Of course, that sentence was last year, I prefer the grip S7.

Why? In addition to handling the frame portion, S7 are based on last year to further reduce the weight to get started, of course, there is a bigger factor.

This year S7 edge of the screen size is not the same as last year S6 edge using 5.1 inches, but increased to 5.5 inches. Increasing the size of a single hand held mobile phone handling decline tend my own five-inch mobile phones, so if let me choose between S7 and the edge of it, I still would choose the former.

Four Positive Changes

Although there is no and there is much difference between last year's S6 of things in the language, but in S7, we still see a lot of changes in the relative joy, of which there are many slots S6 point out last year after year, Korean in the original, based on optimized.

The first is the return of TF card. Last year, the S6, due UFS2.0 relatively low speed and high speed flash memory card reader TF compatibility issues, so that the Samsung removed the TF card slot, which before has been like to use TF card expansion of storage space users is undoubtedly a challenge . In this year, TF card slot is back, and Samsung in the S7 S7 edge uses a dual SIM card slot design, including deputy card compatible nano-SIM card and TF card, maximum support 200GB external memory expansion. Apparently, Samsung has solved the compatibility problem between UFS2.0 and TF card.

Followed by dust and water. S7 and S7 edge support IP68 level of dust and water. Sony mobile phones and similar, although waterproof, Samsung did not do external protective treatment for the charging port and headphone port, S7, instead of using an internal seal approach, which makes the phone itself does not have too many strange feeling from the design .

The third point is the camera. Last year, S6 camera projection indeed the entire handset design called the biggest problem. In this year, the replacement of a new image sensor S7 to maximize control of the projection lens in 0.46 mm, and a projection lens S6 last year reached 1.7 mm, falling by more than 70%.

Finally battery. As a result of last year's S6 and almost the same design approach, causing the battery must still built in the phone. Luckily, the S7 battery capacity has risen to 3,000 mAh, and larger S7 edge to 3600 mA, with fast charging and new "wireless fast charging", extend the time for making the life of three percent .


S7 two phones in maintaining the level of resolution than 2K, the Samsung as it adds technology called Always-on Display (AOD) of. In practice, this function is to make use of the mechanism of self-luminous AMOLED, the screen remains black in the status display only the desired content. Users can customize the display screen of the phone, such as time, calendar and so on, when the phone information screen, the screen can be called up by double-clicking AOD screen, since only part of the pixel is lit, so that the user only learned of the information displayed on the screen, not excessively increase the power consumption of the screen.

Similar design before Moto X / Blackberry Priv have appeared on, but Samsung screen display information for content under more abundant.

The S7 edge of the curved screen features continue to strengthen, on a new system, curved screen can support up to 10 applications quickly exhaled, as well as news / stocks widget added. Immediately upgraded 6.0 system S6 edge and edge + you will get the same experience.


Before release, the processor on the Samsung and Qualcomm processor which will be located in the licensed S7 has been debated, and now after the conference afterwards settled. Qualcomm Xiaolong 820 S7 will become the mainstream standard. After a failed 810, 820 comeback.

From the current situation, the 820 is basically recognized for all mobile phone manufacturers, Samsung in addition, many manufacturers will be introduced in the 2/3 / April launch its own mobile phone equipped with 820 chips. In order to cool the 820, Samsung's engineers said they are within the phone uses a brass heat, so that when the processor will be running at full capacity to help cool off the phone faster.

Phone running out of memory is still 4GB, with 32 / 64GB of storage space, which last year's S6 is exactly the same. The difference is that S7 support TF card expansion.


Camera Samsung once again become the biggest transformation for the S7 components at the hardware level, not one. Last year, the S6 is actually the effect of camera has been quite outstanding, but Samsung still decided on this year's mobile phone, the camera continues to upgrade.

This year's killer, is a Sony's new "double pixel sensor."

Lens quality Literally, S7 is equipped with lens aperture continues to increase to F1.7 (which can be considered horrible ......), while a single pixel area has expanded from 1.12 micron to 1.4 micron pixel values ​​declined, from 1600 Wan dropped to 12 million.

Why? Very simple! Because Samsung replaced the sinking IMX240 image sensor mounted on before S6 in favor of Sony's new dual-pixel sensor. It features a two-diode driver behind the pixel so that the focus of the phone, they can all pixels are involved in focus, without the loss of the number of pixels. Before this technology was used in the Canon 70D, and is used on the phone, but also the first time.

In low light conditions the test site, the focus process significantly faster S6, S7 a grade, can not be used due to the phase focusing in low light conditions, the use of contrast focus S6 S7 slower than the nearly 2 seconds, the same time as increasing the aperture large and enhance pixel area, S7 low light scene luminance environment should be significantly higher than S6.


S7 is equipped with Android 6.0 to create the underlying UI, substantially before the interface style and little change. But in addition to the system version of the change, the Samsung is bringing something new that was fun.

Samsung in the system to create a Game Launcher gaming platform, the platform where all the games you can use some of the features of this platform. You can play the game exhaled a similar Note menu command in the menu has more options, you can switch do not disturb mode let you in the game will not be interrupted by phone, text messaging what the pop-up message, or the game will be minimal suspension of the icons to the desktop, finishing decent afterwards, a key to cut back to the original schedule.

Game Launcher to join the game, the system can take the initiative to provide user third gear different visual options, the purpose of the game frame and lighting effects to save battery power by artificially low.

While the S7 games, Samsung also proposed a mobile game video sharing concept, now the game through gaming platform, you can use the phone to record the game screen, and recorded directly on the screen front camera user's language and facial expressions, and Share on social platforms by way of video. It is not the kind of phone that is betta visual sense ......

From experience, the game has become the most direct exports Samsung S7 powerful hardware, said the old phone performance excess surplus property, and now with this new platform, I am afraid there will be 820 and 4GB RAM comes into play.

But for localized way this platform, is still unknown. Perhaps the Chinese mainland market, it becomes the network centrally hand tour might get it ......


From simple to use, Samsung this year, S7 and S7 edge succeeded in becoming the last S6 excellent complement to its predecessor in many ways to make up for deficiencies, especially as TF card slot regression, reduction projection lens, lens quality the continuous improvement and so on.

At the same time re-sort the design of the phone makes seemingly not much change in S7 S6 on the basis of last year to do some optimization, especially to use in exchange for a reduction in weight lifting handle on.

Enhance the camera's to be expected, but the new image sensor can be strong in the end to what extent is not to say, then we need to wait to get the product after detailed evaluation experience.

As S7 licensed, reportedly will be officially released in Shanghai on March 7, when the phone what the localized changes, but also one of its highlights.

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