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Kamis, 29 Januari 2015

SpongeBob Sponge on the Run MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

SpongeBob Sponge on the Run MOD APK (Unlimited Money) - every day I always pay attention to many brands that compete in the field of technology, every day they always find new things that are useful for our lives, on blogs Cassol Gadget News we will review new products from many brands in this world, now we will discuss first about SpongeBob Sponge on the Run MOD APK (Unlimited Money) please refer to the complete information we will convey:

Articles : SpongeBob Sponge on the Run MOD APK (Unlimited Money)
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SpongeBob Sponge on the Run MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Play the brand-new SpongeBob: Sponge on the Run based on the new SpongeBob Movie:Sponge out of Water!
SpongeBob and Plankton are in a race to find the lost Krabby Patty formula somewhere in Bikini Bottom, Apocalyptic Bikini Bottom and a real-world beach. When he’s not running, SpongeBob is flying, floating in a bubble, or hasPlankton jumping around his surreal imagination. And when the running gets tough, the tough get heroic! SpongeBob becomes Super SpongeBob to knock through any obstacle in his way!
• Laugh at hilarious dialog between SpongeBob and his arch-rival Plankton
• Run through iconic locations including Bikini Bottom, Apocalyptic Bikini Bottom and out of water on a beach
• Customize SpongeBob with unique costumes
• Plankton helps SpongeBob with power-ups like shields and magnets
• Become Super SpongeBob and knock everything out of SpongeBob’s path!
• Drive the Patty Wagon!!!
• Adventure off the beaten path:
→ Float SpongeBob in a bubble through a coral forest
→ Jump Plankton through SpongeBob’s imagination
→ Plankton’s jetpack speeds past obstacles
• Run farther than your friends! Compare distance and scores after your run
• Custom animation and voice-overs with SpongeBob and Plankton created just for this game!
Requires Android: 2.3 and Up
Version: 1.0
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Datafilehost link 73 mb

download from zippyshare 73mb

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