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Senin, 05 Maret 2012

Hacking Gps Free Ebook

Hacking Gps Free Ebook - every day I always pay attention to many brands that compete in the field of technology, every day they always find new things that are useful for our lives, on blogs Cassol Gadget News we will review new products from many brands in this world, now we will discuss first about Hacking Gps Free Ebook please refer to the complete information we will convey:

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Hacking Gps Free Ebook

  • This is the "user manual" that didn't come with any of the 30 million GPS receivers currently in use, showing readers how to modify, tweak, and hack their GPS to take it to new levels!
  • Crazy-cool modifications include exploiting secret keycodes, revealing hidden features, building power cords and cables, hacking the battery and antenna, protecting a GPS from impact and falls, making a screen protector, and solar-powering a GPS
  • Potential power users will take the function and performance of their GPS to a whole new level by hacking into the firmware and hacking into a PC connection with a GPS
  • Fear not! Any potentially dangerous mod (to the device) is clearly labeled, with precautions listed that should be taken
  •  Game time! Readers can check out GPS games, check into hacking geocaching, and even use a GPS as a metal detector

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